Indoor Simulated Baseball & Softball Tournament

Teddy BallGames is NOT just all practice all the time. We can play indoor baseball and softball games! That’s right! We can actually play a regulation game on the HitTrax video simulator. HitTrax will call balls & strikes, score the hits, move runners, and keep stats.

Playing in a simulated game can also be an excellent tool to get your players ready for live competition. The players are put into real situations. HitTrax simulated games are a great way to end your practice with some fun.

Hitrax can also facilitate a Home Run Derby. You can have your pick of any MLB park to play. The dimensions can be scaled for different age groups. Have you always wanted to hit one over the Green Monster? Now’s your chance. Another way to finish practice with some fun.

Major league baseball park

For more information please give us a call at (574)400-0815 or click here to contact us by email using our online contact form.

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HitTrax - New Age of Baseball Simulators

HitTrax is a state of the art video capture system capable of tracking the path of a batted ball and displaying it on a big screen monitor. But that’s not all! You can play on any major league ball park.  Learn more about HitTrax.


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