Baseball Fundraisers

Teddy BallGames knows the burdens teams face to play baseball. Travel baseball tournaments typically cost $300-$400 each. That’s just the entry fee. Travel, hotels, food; it can really rack up fast.

Teams can sell candy, have a car wash, or any number of ways to raise money to help pay for games. Why not play Baseball?

Organize a Hittrax-a-Thon

Here's how it works:

Players start by getting Sponsors to pay them for Hits. We set them up in the HitTrax cage for a 50 pitch session. Once done, the player gets a report which includes his Batting average, # of Hits, Spray Chart, and lots of other stats like exit velocity & distance. 

HitTrax-a-Thon Payout:

Singles = $1  
Doubles = $2
Triples = $3
Home Runs = $5

For Example, if lets say a player gets 12 singles, 4 doubles, and a triple, each sponsor would pay him $23. Multiply that by the number of Sponsors and number of players, and you can see how it can add up quickly.

If a Team has 10 players and each player gets 10 Sponsors and each player averages $20 worth of hits, thats $2000 Fundraiser. (results will vary depending on # sponsors & # hits)

How much does a HitTrax-a-Thon cost? Teddy BallGames collects 20% of gross proceeds.   

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HitTrax - New Age of Baseball Simulators

HitTrax is a state of the art video capture system capable of tracking the path of a batted ball and displaying it on a big screen monitor. But that’s not all! You can play on any major league ball park.  Learn more about HitTrax.


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having the ability to get some quality hacks in at any time is extremely convenient.  Being able to use Hit Trax for some instant swing feedback has also been very nice.  To top it off, at what amounts to $1 a day to practice at the premium hitting facility in the area with 24/7 access is hard to beat. 

Cris Preissing
Scrappers 13U

Since opening the doors, Teddy Ballgames has been a great facility to work with my son and teammates especially in the offseason and during inclement weather.  With the implementation of the new 24/7 membership structure we can go on our schedule with no worries and the rates are extremely affordable!  The entire Teddy Ballgames package has certainly played a positive role in the improvements of my son’s abilities and I recommend it to

Matt Tallman
Landsharks 10U

Explosive Hitting Camp

Mike ryan from Fastball USA is bringing his Explosive Hitting Camp to Teddy's for a Special price of $399 if you sig up by Nov 22. (Same camp is $799 in Chicago)
When: January 24-26
Time: Friday 6-9, Saturday 9-4, Sunday 8-11
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