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Teddy BallGames is a premier indoor baseball facility utilizing the latest technology to provide state of the art training….Welcome to the New Age!
We believe that it’s not the amount of practice but the quality of your practice. Our baseball lessons employ a practice with purpose objective. Each drill is designed to teach proper swing mechanics and once the drill is mastered, the student will graduate to the next level. Our students are also given homework which are drills the player can do at home to build muscle memory. Repetition is instrumental in developing good habits.
Teddy Ballgames instructors follow the principle mechanics of rotation hitting. Certified by Mike Epstein in rotational hitting, our instructors employ drills to achieve solid mechanics and build muscle memory. Mike Epstein Hitting received the endorsement of Ted Williams as best representing his hitting style.
A key ingredient to assessing a player's swing mechanics is slow motion video analysis. By taking video, we can see things that we might miss at full speed and it allows us to break down a players swing in detail. The HitTrax data capture video feature gives us the ability to do side by side comparisons, measure angles, select pitch zones, and voice over what we see. We can then email the video to the player. Video also helps bridge the communication between the instructor and the player. Let's face it, today’s generation are visual learners, video really helps them understand what we teach.
Nowhere else in South Bend will you find the ability to quantify results like Teddy BallGames, our initial baseball lesson includes a baseline assessment report on the HitTrax system. You will see your exit velocity, distance, batting average, and launch angle in your first session. We can then have a benchmark to assure your baseball lesson investment is paying off.

Hitting Lessons

  • Individual Lessons (1 hour) - Baseline Assessment Report, Video Swing Analysis, and Drills.
  • 7 Lesson Package - Baseline Assessment Report, Video Analysis, and drills. 1 hr/week for 7 weeks
  • Individual Tune-ups- Tune-ups are for players during season or previous students. We evaluate swing and work isolated drills to solve issues. ?
  • Baseline Assessment Report- HitTrax Dashboard for key metrics such as Exit Velocity, Distance, Launch Angles, and More.
  • Group Lesson- Save by working with teammates or family.
Individual Lessons, 1 hour $75
Lesson Package, 7 weeks, 1 hour $448
Individual Tune-Ups, 1 hour $65
Individual Tune-Ups, 4 Pack $200
Baseline Assessment Report $65
Group Lessons, 2 Player, 1hour $50/ea
Group Lessons, 3 players, 1 hour $40/ea
Group Lessons, 4 players, 1 hour $35/ea
Group Lessons, 5 players, 1hour $30/ea
 To learn more about our Baseball lessons, click here to contact us or here to purchase

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Saturday 12:00-6:00
All other times by Appointment



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South Bend, Indiana 46628
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