Indoor Batting Cages – South Bend

Teddy BallGames is a state of the art Indoor Baseball Facility. Our indoor batting cages are the most spacious indoor batting cages in Northwest Indiana.
Our facility features 6 indoor batting cages for both baseball and softball. We have 2 batting cages with dedicated token pitching machines and they can accommodate both baseball & softball with four different speed choices.

There’s really something for everyone here! Live pitch, soft toss, tee work drills, machine pitch, play catch, pitch on pitching mounds, and the premier training of the HitTrax Simulator. By far, it's our most popular indoor batting cage. The HitTrax cage is Northwest Indiana’s only public video baseball simulator. Click here to learn more about the HitTrax cage. Welcome to the New Age!
You can’t hit what you can’t see. At Teddy’s, we have energy efficient LED lighting throughout the Indoor cages to give hitters optimal lighting and all of the cages have padded turf and the fencing makes it safe for bystanders.
Teddy BallGames Pro shop has Mizuno baseball and softball gear as well as Axe Bat. The AxeBat is the latest technology in bats to hit the market. We also have demo bats so players can try before you buy. Nobody does that however, Teddy BallGames does!
You can relax at Teddy BallGames too. We have a lounge and second floor upper deck, both have big screen TV’s. The upper deck is a front row seat for parents to oversee the batting cages. The upper deck also has a baseball training area complete with a compact batting cage. The compact batting cage can also be used to practice your golf swing. Teddy also has free WiFi.
So whether you’re a player looking to take your game to the next level or a mom looking for a baseball themed Birthday Party, Teddy BallGames is the place for you. 
To learn more about our Indoor Batting Cages, click here to contact us today
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Current Schedule

Monday- Thursday 3:00-8:00
Saturday 12:00-6:00
All other times by Appointment



4085 Meghan Beeler Court
South Bend, Indiana 46628
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