Quality Hit Club

The Quality Hit Club combines state of the art training with New Age Competition. The competition features the HitTrax Quality Hit Game (QHG). The Quality Hit Game uses a combination of Exit Velocity, Distance, Launch Angle, and Hit Outcome, to create a point score. The Quality Hit Game is 15 At-Bats. Each AB is just like a normal AB...HitTrax calls balls & strikes, each hit is scored and counted as an AB. The QHG also has a superstrike. The superstrike is a pitch down the center of the plate, is considered an AB, regardless of outcome. The Video Capture System can also be used during a QHG session. Each week, the player plays 2 sessions of QHG, 30 AB's. The points leader after 4 weeks, will win $250.
1. When can we post our QHG sessions?
We will have multiple open HitTrax times throughout the week to post your scores. Times will be very flexible. Scores must be posted by Close of business on Sundays.
2. What Ages can play?
The formula used to calculate the points is scaled for different ages. This levels the playing field for all ages. A young player can score the same as an older player even without hitting it as hard or far.  Click here to see QHG calculation.
3. What speed is the pitch?
Pitching speed will be adjusted for age groups. 12U 50MPH, 13U 55 MPH, 15U 60 MPH, and 16+ 65 MPH.
4.  What size bat can we use?
Player must use bat approved for his age group, i.e, High School must use BBCOR.
5. What does the Quality Hit Club include?
The QHC includes 2 QHG sessions per week in the HitTrax Cage. Player will have access to all HitTrax Data and Video at Teddy BallGames. Mobile access can be purchased for additional $12. Additional Facility resources are available at normal rates. 
6. How much does it cost to be in the Quality Hit Club?
The basic plan is $50. The QHC is 4 weeks, 8 Quality Hit Games, 120 AB's, on site access to HitTrax data & video. Mobile access to HitTrax data can be purchased for $12/month. 
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