Driveline Arm Care Program

Teddy BallGames is now offering an arm care & training program powered by Driveline. We have dedicated ourselves to the proper administration of the program for both youth and mature athletes. Our upper deck space has been designed to allow for up to 5 players to train at one time. Players are supervised by a trainer, and have access to the Driveline drills via a Big Screen TV as well. The objectives of the arm care program are:

1. Develop strong warm up & work out habits
2. Strengthen the muscles used to throw.
3. Learn to recover after throwing.
4. Learn to sequence the chain of events to maximize performance.
5. Increase velocity & Improve overall arm heath to prevent injury.

The cost for Teddy's Driveline program is $240. Players will receive up to 30 training sessions to be used over the course of 16 weeks. We recommend 3 days per week to benefit from the program. If you can only do 1 day per week, this is NOT for you. We allow 16 weeks to use your credits however you choose. Credits can NOT be carried over to another session. Contact us for questions.

Click here to purchase the Driveline Arm Care Package at Teddy BallGames


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