Rapsodo Pitching Assessment

What's in your Pitching Arsenal?

Teddy BallGames is the only Rapsodo Pitching Certified location in the area. A Rapsodo session at Teddy's is crucial for pitchers to know their "stuff". What's your spin rate on your 4 seam? How much Gyro in your Slider? Are you effectively tunneling your pitches? Where is your release for different pitches? The Rapsodo motto is "Measure to Master", how do you measure?
Rapsodo is used by 90% of Colleges & MLB. If you want to be a pitcher, its time to get with Rapsodo at Teddy BallGames!

A Rapsodo Assessment at Teddy BallGames includes the following:                                                 
  • Individual Player Profile on Rapsodo National Database                                         
  • Bullpen with Rapsodo. 1 Hour session. Good warm up & roughly 50 pitches
  • Movement Matrix Report. Horizontal & Vertical Break charts by pitch type
  • Release Matrix Report. Release height & angle by pitch type.
  • Velocity Matrix. Time to zone by pitch type.
  • Location Matrix. Zone breakdown by pitch type & frequency
  • Coming soon. RapScore to compare with peers & track progress.
Individual Cost: $85. ($75 TB Members)
Group Cost: $60/ea (min 4 players)




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