Training at Teddy Ballgames

Teddy BallGames has many opportunities for Training. We offer Individual Lessons for Hitting & Pitching, Group Lessons for Hitting & Pitching, & Camps for Hitting, Pitching, and Catching throughout the year. Lessons are a great way to hone your skills, but nothing adds more value as the ability to Train 24/7 on your own with our Platinum Membership. 


Whether its an Individual or Group Lesson, we use the HitTrax technology to provide key metrix & measure progress. We also utilize our Hi Speed Video Capture system to illustrate the Hitters weaknesses & develop a program for corrective action. 

We have Individual & Group Lessons available for Pitching. We also offer a great Arm Care Program in the fall & winter to have you ready for spring. It wouldn't be Teddy's without some Technology.....We now have a Rapsodo Pitching System. Track & Measure Spin rate, Release points, ball movement, velocity, & see how you compare with your peers.

Catching Lessons are offered in a small group format by former professional catchers. The Catching Camps are very limited, so stay tuned not to miss out. 

We are strong believers in the benefits of Group Training.
1. Group participants provide Energy not found in 1 on 1 environments.
2. Younger Players get Mentored by Older Players.
3. Older Players gain Leadership experience.
4. Group Training is more Economical.



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Access to Teddy's

Teddy BallGames is always OPEN for our Members

Also available for:
Team Training
Group Camps
Individual Lessons

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HitTrax - New Age of Baseball Simulators

HitTrax is a state of the art video capture system capable of tracking the path of a batted ball and displaying it on a big screen monitor. But that’s not all! You can play on any major league ball park.  Learn more about HitTrax.

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