Command & Conquer Pitching Camp

Ready to Get your Arm in Shape?

Learn to Command & Conquer the mound next season with this 8 week camp. This camp is a little bit Driveline, a little bit Texas Baseball Ranch, and a little bit Mike Branch, the Instructor for the Camp.

We combine a series of exercises, starting with a Dynamic Warm Up, a Strength & Stability circuit, & our pre-throwing routine. We then progress into our Arm Care & Command Drills designed to increase Arm Strength, Arm Health, and throw MORE Strikes.

But I want to improve my Velocity? Guess what you get when you have a stronger, healthier arm? Velocity! But simply focusing on Velo is only 1 part of being a good pitcher. What good is it to throw hard but not throw strikes? or throw hard & only last an inning because your arm hurts? Focus on the PROCESS, and the RESULTS will follow. This Camp will teach you the Process to reach your Goals.

We are strong believers in the benefits of Group Training.
1. Group participants provide Energy not found in 1 on 1 environments.
2. Younger Players get Mentored by Older Players.
3. Older Players gain Leadership experience.
4. Group Training is more Economical. $25/hr versus $60-$75/hr.

Command & Conquer Pitching Camp
Cost $200
2 Sessions to choose from:
(ages 10 & up)

Mondays 6:00-7:00
January 6 - February 24
Saturdays 12:00-1:00
January 11 - February 29

Limited to 10 Players per session

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2021 Tryouts

2021 TB Tigers Tryouts
10u July 18-19 3-6
11u Aug 2 2-4 & Aug 16 4-6
12u July 28 6-8
13u August 1st 3-5
15u August 1 12-3 & Aug 6 7:00-
16u August 1st 12-3 & Aug 7 6:30-
17u August 2nd 4-6

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