Indoor Baseball Facility Pricing

Teddy BallGames is a state of the art Indoor Baseball Facility in South Bend. Training cages, Machine Pitch cages for Baseball & Softball, and Northwest Indiana's only Hittrax Video Simulator, our indoor baseball facility offers something for everyone at every cost.

Teddy BallGames Pricing Scoreboard

Batting Cage Rentals 1/2 Hour 1 Hour Packages 5pack 10Pack
Machine Cage* $35 $55 Machine Cages $247.50 $440
Training Cages $20 $35 Training Cages $157.50 $280
HitTrax Cage $45 $75 HitTrax 30 min $200 $360
Machine Tokens $3/ea 10 Pack $25 HitTrax 1 hr $337.50 $600

* Machine Cages are capable of pitching Baseballs or Softballs at 4 different speeds 

HitTrax Video Simulator  
Double Round, 50 Pitch $25
Quality Hit Game, 15 AB's $20
Add Video Camera $5
Home Run Derby (3 min) $10/player
HitTrax Data Plan, monthly $12
SAVE on Team Packages. click here for details.

Not sure what to do while your kids are enjoying their time at Teddy BallGames? We have a lounge for relaxing and second floor upper deck, both have big screen TV’s. The upper deck is a front row seat for parents to oversee the batting cages and it also has a baseball training area complete with a compact batting cage. The compact batting cage can also be used to practice your golf swing allowing parents to also enjoy their time at Teddy BallGames. We also provide free WiFi to keep you connected!

To learn more about our Indoor Batting Baseball Facility pricing, click here to contact us today!
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HitTrax is a state of the art video capture system capable of tracking the path of a batted ball and displaying it on a big screen monitor. But that’s not all! You can play on any major league ball park.  Learn more about HitTrax.


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